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ACMOS = Analysis of the Compatibility of the Materials of the body/Organism and their Synergy.

ACMOS bio-energetics has been developed over the past 30 years by Dr Rene Naccachian. With ACMOS bio-energetics we put the material body in harmony with its subtle energies using the energetic properties of essential oils, minerals, herbs, homeopathic remedies, trace elements, colour filters and electro-acupuncture.

The ACMOS Method is a completely holistic form of energy medicine where  treatment is directly led by the responses from your body.

ACMOS treatment of the human energetic system improves your body’s ability to manage itself and repair its imperfections.  This enables your body to release the symptoms of disease and good health is restored at a pace which your system can cope with.


 Whilst visiting China on business, Dr Naccachian was successfully treated for a knee problem by a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a competitive tennis player he had been told in the West that the only solution to his problem was knee replacement surgery. Following his treatment in China Dr Naccachian was able to return to a highly competitive level of tennis. Decades later he still has his original knee joint.

His interest in Chinese medicine whetted, Dr Naccachian studied Energy Medicine in the East and West to Doctorate level. Still keen to learn he also obtained a PhD in Molecular biology. Over the past 30 years this enigmatic man has studied and developed a remarkable system of energy medicine called ACMOS. It takes the best of traditional Chinese medicine and combines it with western measuring instruments.


Human beings consist of a matter body, the physical body we all recognise, can see and touch. We also have an energy body with thermal, electric and magnetic fields of energy. Each cell has a positive and negative pole like a magnet and the various energy fields work together as our bodies function.

 We inherit energetic information from our forebears and we are constantly bombarded by different frequencies of energy in the form of radio waves, microwaves, rays from the sun, gravity from the Earth etc. All these energies need to work in harmony with your own energetic body to maintain optimum health.

Acmos bio-energeticians measure the energy fields in and around the body at a variety of levels from superficial management energy to deep resource energy. The entire treatment session is guided by the responses from your own body. The energy channels or meridians are measured to identify specific problems and these are retested after the treatment has been applied. 

 The major acupuncture points act as control levers allowing the body to regulate itself throughout the days and the seasons. When the brain perceives a threat from inside or outside the body it temporarily switches off fuses in order to protect its deep energy reserves. When everything is functioning well the brain is able to restore these fuses once the aggression has passed. Sometimes the body is unable to regulate itself in this way and the blown fuses cannot be repaired. The energy points or command levers become blocked leading to a wide variety of symptoms.

 During an ACMOS global balance session disturbances in the energy system are corrected using the energetic frequencies found in a variety of natural products. This allows the restoration of the fuses. Colour filters are used to repair energy leaks and to assist the body with the elimination of toxins.

 Electro-acupuncture is used to open blocked command or acupuncture points and to restore the natural flow of energy within the body and mind. This can be compared to a water company closing off leaking pipes to conserve water. After fixing the leaks in the pipes the water supply is reconnected so that it reaches its required destination.

 Medications and supplements are checked for compatibility within themselves and with your body. When the medication is too strong it may create an energy imbalance triggering all sorts of side effects. If required compensators are identified within the ACMOS ranges of natural products.

 The ultimate effect of the ACMOS method is to keep you in good health by restoring your Global Energy Balance before the disorder occurs. 

An ACMOS global energy balance can take 2-3 hours to complete and requires the use of natural products within the session. Any additional products required to support your treatment are charged separately.

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NOTE : ACMOS treatment does not offer a quick fix and the longer you have had the problem the more treatment it normally requires.